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Woolcraft Knitting Yarns & Wools
Woolcraft provide an extensive selection of hand knitting yarns priding themselves on fantastic value for fantastic quality. Woolcraft Knitting Yarns are the best on the market for the price provided. We doubt you will find any other knitting yarns that compare value to quality as Woolcraft Yarns do, especially Woolcraft New Fashion ranges and the Woolcraft 25% Wool Aran. 
Woolcraft's ranges include 4ply yarns, Double Knitting (DK Yarns), Chunky Yarns and Aran Yarn. 
Woolcraft yarns are produced in Turkey under license. 
Woolcrafts New Fashion DK has been our best selling yarn since we started trading in 2008 and has received nothing but 5 star reviews on our site as well as the 25% Wool Aran, Junior Shades (500g DK) and the Acrylic Aran in fact we don't think any of the yarns have received less than the full 5 star rating!
We stock most of Woolcraft's yarn range but if there is anything you require that we do not stock please let us know and we will be able to order it in for you.