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Sirdar Knitting Yarns
Sirdar have been creating outstanding, high quality knitting yarns since 1880 and are leaders in the knitting yarn industry. Year on year Sirdar produce new designs that inspire, keeping to the highest of qualities that you have come to expect. The Sirdar yarn range has been hugely popular since the day they began all them years ago and they have been keeping knitters knitting ever since. Many a family have grown up with Sirdar's Snuggly range being knit through the family and the Snuggly range has been a house held name which continues to provide your little ones with soft, warm, high quality yarns that you can expect from Sirdar. 
Sirdars new snuggly ranges include the 100% Cotton DK, Bouclette Fashion yarn, Cashmere Merino DK and Merino 4ply. 
Sirdar continue to innovate and provide knitters with the latest inspiring and beautiful hand knitting yarns still from their home base in Yorkshire.