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Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks
We stock a variety of Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks in various styles and sizes. From your basic knitting needles & hooks to your finer quality branded needles & hooks. Obviously your Knitting Needles or Crochet hooks are essential to the project you are doing and finding the right needle or hook can greatly improve your knitting or crochet experience. Every one has different preferences to what they like and do not like and it essential for you to find the item that is just right for you. 
We aim to be stocking a wider range of Knitting Needles & Hooks soon to include Brittany, Addi, Knit Pro and other leading brands to hopefully greatly enhance our selection of products and to provide you with the best choice possible. 

The knitting yarn or wool / knitting/crochet pattern that you are using will/should state the needle or hook size that you require. The needle or hook that you use will effect the size/tension of your product and you can go up or down a needle size accordingly to your needs as no one Knits or Crochets exactly the same.

Also available are Children's knitting needles - Ideal to get your little ones on the road to a crafty lifestyle and involved in what you are doing.