Lace Weight

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Lace Weight Knitting Yarns
Lace weight knitting yarns are extremely fine knitting yarns ideal for intricate and delicate projects which in turn create stunning results if you have the patience for your project to take a while longer to come together! 
Lace weight yarns/wools are usually knit on knitting needles from 2mm - 3.25mm and are most commonly used for shawls, scarves, shrugs, tops and finer summer type items, although the possibilities are endless!
Because of how fine the yarn is in lace weight yarns they go a very good distance and projects usually take less balls to complete due to how far one ball will go. Lace Weight yarns also tend to be more pricey/luxurious types of yarn due to the nature of the projects used for and the blends that they come in, many comprising blends of silk, merino wool, cotton and/or mohair.